Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two Yrs Nine months and counting

Just wanted to show a couple recent photos of myself and say how my hair is doing.check out my channel 

Thirty-three months


Hair Update
  • My hair is doing well . 
  • Sometimes  I still get the dry scalp and I use the Glycerine and Rose Water in order to soothe my scalp.
  •  I wash about once a week but I wont go past 10 days.
  • My hair sweeps on my shoulders.
  • I brush my locks with the baby brush.
  • The brush gently massages my scalp (mmm! sure feels good).
  • Shampoo with Neutrogena T Gel and  Suave Clarifying on alternating weeks (Diluted one to two).
  • Condition with a moisturizing conditioner-  Pantene Fragile to Strong Conditioner (Diluted one to two).
  • Favorite way to wear my hair  - Spiraled set using pipe cleaners
  • Colour hair every eight to ten weeks.
"Wear your hair with style, for you are fearfully and wonderfully made."


  1. I think you and your hair look fantastic. Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Bajan Lilly :). I'm enjoying the journey. It's quite an interesting one.

  3. Personally I prefer relaxed hair for my lifestlye right now, BUT I have enjoyed seeing your hair grow from strength to strength. Keep on keeping on Blessings!!!!!