Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are you Wondering about Getting Sisterlocks

What are Sister Locks?
It's a trademarked method of locking the hair. See info at

Want to have Sister locks?

Do research on various web sites and search in  for sister lock hair styles and photos.
Speak to a few people who have sister locks to understand what it's all about.

Check the sister lock website for the Registry of Consultants on the Sister Locks website near  your area . In Barbados you can ask anyone who wears sister locks and they will gladly give you the relevant info.

Find out what to expect from the first visit to the consultant.  

It's not cheap, it's an investment so think about it seriously.  

You don't have to do the BIG CHOP sister locks can be started with relaxed hair which has new hair growth of about two - three inches.

I did my research and saved my pennies for a year before I finally made the step, leap or dive which ever way you look at it.

The sister locked journey is one that will lead you to many discoveries about yourself so 
open up to the journey. You wont regret it!!!

3 months

3 months
20 months
                                                              19 months

Remember: Wear your sister locks with style, cuz we are wonderfully made.

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