Monday, August 17, 2015

Ooops I Lost a Lock

I had my hair in a style where I used rubber bands to hold it secure, I started to remove the band and my friend volunteered to help me take them out. suddenly I heard a strange sound, it had a crunch to it. I put my hand up to feel my hair and would you believe it........OOOOPPSS!!! my lock got cut off.

I've saved my lock and I'm just waiting to have it reattached when  my hair has grown out a bit more.

The story of hair. Leave a comment. Meanwhile "Walk with a Smile, You are Wonderfully made."


  1. Ha, the good thing is it's hair and it will grow back! I lost one around 29 mos. i just sewed it back and kept going, or did i throw it away, can't remember, lol.

  2. Hey KnottyAuthor, I'm just letting it grow out. I've come to grips with it being short. :). Thanks for dropping by.