Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hair Update 2014


I've been meaning to answer some questions but the demands of life's twist and turns - work, school, motherhood and all that's involved took me away.
My hair is now four years and four months. My favourite way to do my hair.

Rather my go-to style is a spiral set.

It's simple: You can do it
1          Buy some black or dark brown pipe cleaners from a craft store, they are rather economical. 
            Deanna's Dash  (Michaels , if you're traveling)
2          Bend the pipe cleaner in half, tip to tip  if you have short to medium length hair.       
            Shoulder length will use the full pipe cleaner not bent.
3          Cover the pipe cleaner with masking tape, to keep down the fuzz getting in your hair. 

4          Section your hair, 4-6 locks all over. Roll hair from tip
5          Let hair completely dry.
6          Remove the rods gently. Wear in spirals.
7          Can last for up to two weeks or until you decide to wash your hair.