Monday, September 23, 2013

Hair Update

I'm now at the FOUR YEAR mark and I'm actually quite satisfied with my growth and the health of my hair and scalp. I still get dry patches occasionally but this is easily remedied by applying my Glycerine and Rosewater mixture. It's easy to find. I get it from Super Centre in the Toiletry section. It's economical just about $3.00 :). It's actually made in Trinidad. Sure you'd be able to find it in Health Food stores.

Will post recent pix in my BLUE BOX Series Soon!!

My hair is shoulder length just above the bra kinda. It's thick and bouncy. I'm still LOVING my SISTER LOCKS. I still colour when I can't stand the grey anymore or when my daughter comments about how much greys I have...(ha ha).

Will tell you more later.