Sunday, May 11, 2014

Question and Answer

Friend: Do You Get Tired of Your Hair Being in Sisterlocks????

Me: No No No I don't. I feel blessed since this is a versatile hair style. I can wear it up, down, or in a variety of styles.
I don't have to worry about walking in a drizzle of rain because my hair style wont be ruined.
Don't worry about going to the beach, My hair won't be under stress, LOL!!!

I like my hair, I'm comfortable with it and the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

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How to do a spiral set

I've gotten a few questions from friends and acquaintances from time to time so I wanted to go ahead and try to answer them......

  • What are pipe cleaners?
  •  Pipe cleaners are light weight and flexible.
  • Fold it in half.
  • I will usually cover them with masking/packing tape in order to keep down the fuzz from the pipe cleaner.
  • Then wrap wet hair around the pipe cleaner, be careful to wrap the hair over itself so the ends are secured.
  • Bend the tip to secure.
  • Air dry or sit under the hair dryer until it is dry.
  • Straighten the tip and release from the hair gently, wear the spiral
  • Or open for a super curly style that will surely last for more than a week.