Saturday, November 5, 2011

Looking for a Hair Colour

Has anyone ever tried "Water Works" Hair colour? I've seen it and was wondering if it would be a good one to try as an aspiring DIYer. I tried another colour but it faded quickly and my brown ends, which were previously coloured, and grays are peeking out again. I want something that can last a little longer than 8 wks.
I'll probably ask this same question on the "Lock It Up" website and look out for the responses.
Will keep you posted.........
I saw it at Collins so I hope you readers can give me some feedback.   Until next time
Remember: "Wear Your Natural Hair With Style"


  1. What about Textures and Tones? My loctician recommends that. I have used Dark & Lovely and that's the only time that I've coloured my locs. I would say that it gave my hair a much needed lift colour wise - I used Black. The next time I do colour, I will try the T & T brand. What about Bigen? I have never used it but I know young lady who loves the results when she uses it on her locs.

    1. I did try Textures and Tones. :) I'm quite happy with the colour coverage. But guess what I had to go out and get more colour cuz two were not enough. My hair just seemed to suck up the colour. I think I have very hungry hair when it comes to hair colour.
      Thanks for the suggestion.